Do Nothing

Personal project / 2010 / Facebook App

This Facebook app originated in response to our compulsion for continuously publishing the most trivial things on Facebook. It is designed for doing nothing: just click on the giant button ďDo nothingĒ and stay idle. A database keeps track of the total amount of time that the users have spent using the app. Eventually I will use all that time for something, or nothing.

Do Nothing

Yale School of Art
Commencement brochure

Yale School of Art / 2010 / Print

This brochure commemorates the graduation of the Yale School of Art class of 2010. I decomposed the coat of arms of the School in simple forms and spread --- read more

Yale School of Art<br/>Commencement brochure Yale School of Art<br/>Commencement brochure

Atrium Radio

Personal project / 2010 / Web

This website translates the activity in the Graphic Design department at the Yale School of Art into music and a visual pattern. Each student has a color and a sound assigned, that are printed/played only when his or her computer is active. Music and visual patterns continuously change realtime depending on who is working in the space.

Atrium Radio Atrium Radio

Weather Escapes

Personal Project / 2010 / Web

I did not like New Haven so much. For this project I programmed a code that translated the weather information in that city into a prompt that was emailed to me. When I received it, I performed this -often quite absurd- command. Information that is specific to a place is used to generate a brief moment of surrealism that allows me to escape from it.

Weather Escapes Weather Escapes

Binny Old Style

Personal project / 2009 / Type Design

Binny Old Style is a reinterpretation of an American text typeface from 1908.

Binny Old Style Binny Old Style

Jonathan Puckey Workshop at Yale

Personal project / 2010 / Video

For the Dutch Designer Jonathan Puckey's Workshop at the GD at Yale University "The Cultural Construct", about memes and other contemporary social media --- read more

Jonathan Puckey Workshop at Yale


Yale School of Architecture / 2010 / Print

Yale School of Architecture yearbook. JiEun and I worked with the concept of authorship so we separated the student work from the rest of the content to --- read more

Retrospecta Retrospecta

One Hundred Smiles

Personal Project / 2011 / Web

Everyday, for one hundred days, I made a smiley face in a random place using elements that existed there, so people could encounter it unexpectedly. Initially I always used a piece of black thread next to the pair of round shapes I found, but eventually the faces turned crazier and crazier. I collected all the smileys in this website not suited for epileptics.

One Hundred Smiles One Hundred Smiles


Personal Project / 2010 / Print

Issues is a publication about our relationship with reality through photojournalism, and how we have become almost insensitive to images. The introduction --- read more

Issues Issues

Book Poster for Irma Boom

Personal Project / 2010 / Print

For announcing the visit of Irma Boom's thesis book workshop Brian and I made this poster/book.Perfect bound, with a page size of 1.25x17in and several --- read more

Book Poster for Irma Boom Book Poster for Irma Boom

One Minute of Silence

Personal Project / 2010 / Web

This website is a place for dedicating one minute of silence to what we have lost, be it our illusions or our underwear. When a visitors submits an item to add a new obituary the website turns black, and any other user who visits the site finds a black screen, until the minute has passed and the wall of obituaries turns visible again.

One Minute of Silence One Minute of Silence

Paper Bag Typeface

Personal project / 2010 / Type Design

Two typefaces designed using a paper bag: one positive, looking into the bag, and one negative, looking from the inside. The images show a book and two --- read more

Paper Bag Typeface Paper Bag Typeface

Design in process Poster

Personal Project / 2009 / Video

Video poster announcing the lecture "Design in Process" by Jonathan Puckey at the Yale School of Art. Keri and I recorded our computer's desktop while --- read more

Design in process Poster

GD 2Y Final Reviews

Personal Project / 2010 / Print/Installation

Poster announcing the Graphic Design final reviews at the Yale School of Art. On a target painted on a piece of grey fabric the names of the students have --- read more

GD 2Y Final Reviews GD 2Y Final Reviews